H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah

President, Liberia

Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor

Vice President, Liberia

National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) for the Republic of Liberia 2019-2023

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Liberia contracted Green Consultancy Inc. (Greencons) in 2018 to prepare the second State of the Environmental Report (SoER) for Liberia for the period 2007-2018. A key outcome of the SoER is a first National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP), which has been compiled to guide the management of Liberia’s environmental resources for 2019-2023. The following NEAP should therefore be read alongside the SoER (2007-2018), as it contains the data upon which the recommendations in this NEAP are based. The following chapter describes the NEAP process and briefly touches on the methodology which was employed by the specialists to conduct the various assessments upon which the data and recommendations in this plan are based. 1.2 THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION PLAN PROCESS The NEAP is based upon the findings presented in the SoER; the latter which provides an assessment of the status and trends of the environment and its natural resources, and their effect on the wellbeing of the country’s population. Once in every five years, there is a nation-wide study carried out to establish the State of the Environment, as well as to develop a five-year NEAP to guide the Government of Liberia (GoL) in managing its environmental resources. The preparation of the SoER and NEAP is largely participatory, drawing knowledge and resources from lead agencies, development partners, research institutions and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)/Community Based Organisations (CBOs) amongst others.