H. E. Joseph N. Boakai, Sr.

President of Liberia

H. E. Zegben J. K. Koung

Vice President of Liberia

Board & Management

The Environmental Protection Agency has a unique structure:

1.       The Policy Council

2.       The Board of Directors, and

3.       The Management Team

a)      The national Policy Council referred to as “ the Policy Council” is mandated by the law establishing the EPA as the ultimate body responsible for policy formulation and directions for the purpose of this Act; set priorities for national goals and objectives for the protection of the environment; promote co-operation among Line Ministries, local authorities, the private sector, non-governmental organizations engaged in environmental protection programs and the public; approve the Audited Report and Accounts of the Agency as provided for under Section (48) of this Act;

The Chairman of the Policy Council shall be a minister appointed by the President of the Republic of Liberia along 30 statutory institutions including related GOL ministries, agencies, commissions along with academy institutions, and civil society representation amongst others and shall serve for the period of seven (7) years.

b)      The Board of Directors of the Agency is a supervisory body of the Agency and is referred to as the “Board” in the Act establishing the Agency. The President of the Republic of Liberia appoints the Board subject to the advice of the Policy Council; the Board consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and seven other members drawn from the Central Bank of Liberia, Liberia national Bar Association, an Industrialist, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs, University of Liberia and a prominent woman.

c)      The members of the Board, except those appointed from Line Ministries shall serve for a period of five years and shall be eligible for re-appointment for a further term; appointed members of the Board shall be persons who qualify by virtue of their knowledge and experience in environmental management, with gender consideration.

d)      The Management Team runs the day- to day operations of the agency with supervision of the Board. The Management Team constitutes the Executive Director who serves for the period of seven years, the Deputy Executive Director, and heads of the various departments of the Agency.