H. E. Joseph N. Boakai, Sr.

President of Liberia

H. E. Zegben J. K. Koung

Vice President of Liberia

Final Inspector Listing EPA

Thursday, June 28, 2018
1 A. Korpo Pewu BSC. Agriculture MALE
2 Aaron D.Y. Pope BSc Agriculture MALE
3 Aaron Wuokolo Civil Engineering  MALE
4 Abednego G. Carpenter Bsc Nursing MALE
5 Abel B, Johnson Bsc General Agriculture MALE
6 Abigail S. Weay BSc Agriculture FEMALE
7 Abraham B. Massaquoi BSc Forestry MALE
8 Abraham E.Karyouway BSc Agriculture MALE
9 Abraham K. Zeambo BSc Biology  MALE
10 Abraham S. Gbarnjah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
11 Abraham V.M. Dukuly BSc Biology  MALE
12 Abu J. Kamara BSC. Forestry  MALE
13 Abu S. Kamara Bsc Mining Engineering MALE
14 Adam Allen O. Jones BSc Biology  MALE
15 Addie M. Carr BSc Natural Res. Mang. MALE
16 Albert Singbay BSc. Forestry MALE
17 Adjuvon Kardeker BSc Agriculture MALE
18 Al Mike B. Dennis BSC. Forestry MALE
19 Aldolphus G. Neh Bsc General Agriculture MALE
20 Aleona Dakinah BSc Zoology FEMALE
21 Alex Casell BSC. Agriculture MALE
22 Alex Wuo, Jr. BSc. Chem MALE
23 Alexander C. Hodge BSc Fore MALE
24 Alexander D. S. Suah BSc. Nat. Res Mgt MALE
25 Alexander F. Kiamue Bsc General Agriculture MALE
26 Alexander Flomo BSc Agriculture MALE
27 Alexander G. Leinkpor BSc Biology  MALE
28 Alexander S. David BSc Agriculture MALE
29 Alexander Sammy Magona BSc Biology  MALE
30 Alfred J. S. Chea, Jr. Math/Physics MALE
31 Alfred T. Koenig BSc. General Agriculture MALE
32 Alice Kromah BSC Agriculture FEMALE
33 Alieu B. Sherrif BSc Geology MALE
34 Alieu Kerkula Bsc Environmental Science MALE
35 Aloysius Zinnah Momo BSc Agriculture MALE
36 Alphonso K. Hina  BSC. Geology  MALE
37 Ambo M. Ford BSc Agriculture MALE
38 Amos B. Kardor Bsc General Forestry MALE
39 Amos G. Gontorwon  BSC. Biology MALE
40 Amos N.F. Zweh BSC. Agriculture MALE
41 Amos T. Sumo  BSC. Biology  MALE
42 Andrew N. W. Dweh  BSc Agriculture MALE
43 Angie M. Weeks Bsc Biology FEMALE
44 Annastacia T. Paye BSc Biology  FEMALE
45 Annie B. Smith Bsc Biology FEMALE
46 Anthony J. Togba Bsc Biology MALE
47 Anthony K. Garyen BSC. Agriculture MALE
48 Anthony S. Bolay BSc Agriculture MALE
49 Anthony S. Sailley BSC Chemistry MALE
50 Antoinette P. Blamo BSc Biology  FEMALE
51 Aphanso G. Sloan BA Georgraphy MALE
52 Aquila K. Kolliemeh BSC. Forestry MALE
53 Arthur G. McCargo BSC Agronomy MALE
54 Arthur G. Towah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
55 Arthur N. Jikpamu BSC Agriculture MALE
56 Arthur Sulonteh BSc Agriculture MALE
57 Augustine B. Flomo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
58 Augustine B. Mulbah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
59 Augustine N. Mawolo General  Agriculture MALE
60 Augustine S. Konwloh BSc Agriculture MALE
61 Augustine T. Saywala BSC. Agronomy MALE
62 Augustine Wooe BSc Envir. Health MALE
63 Augustus B.F. Swah Sr. BSc Agriculture MALE
64 Azango F. B. S. Wollie BSc Agriculture MALE
65 Balima M. Subah BSc Fore (no copy of Deg) MALE
66 Bana Quaqua BSc Agriculture MALE
67 Baygweh G. Himmieh BSc Agriculture MALE
68 Ben E. Payedoe BSc Agriculture MALE
69 Ben T. Varfley Bsc Geology MALE
70 Benedictus G. Quyee Bsc General Agriculture MALE
71 Benta Barrie BSC Chemistry FEMALE
72 Beyan Y. Johnson BSc. Agriculture MALE
73 Bility M. Geninyan BSC. Forestry MALE
74 Blayon T. Scere BSC Chemistry MALE
75 Bill Y. Cephas BSc Nat. Res. Mgt MALE
76 Blessing Aneya Bsc General Forestry MALE
77 Boakai F. Massaquoi Bsc General Agriculture MALE
78 Bobby Z. Howard BSc Biology  MALE
79 Bona Kpehe BSc Biology  MALE
80 Bunchie W. H. Saab BSc Biology  MALE
81 Brenda W. Bainda BSC. Biology ( Cum-Laude) FEMALE
82 Brooks Bonokollie, Jr. Bsc Natural Resource Manag. MALE
83 Caroline G. Nuah BSc Biology  FEMALE
84 Caroline T. Kwenah Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
85 Charles G. Fissibue BSc Agriculture MALE
86 Charles K. Koko Bsc General Agriculture MALE
87 Charlene V. Talery Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
88 Charles P. Zikeh BSc Agriculture MALE
89 Charles T. Caine BSc Biology  MALE
90 Chester S. Momo BSc Agriculture MALE
91 Christian E. Yekeson  BSC. Biology MALE
92 Christian O. Gono General  Agriculture MALE
93 Christiana M. Mabande BSC. Biology MALE
94 Christopher J. Keah BSc Biology  MALE
95 Chuke Sawor Jasper Bsc Biology MALE
96 Clinton A. Tarwuleh Bsc Biology MALE
97 Cummings B. Jukon BSC. Agriculture MALE
98 Crayee G. Nyeayea BSc Biology  MALE
99 Cynthia L.M. Saye BSc Agriculture  MALE
100 D. Cornelius Ballah BSc Agriculture MALE
101 D. Nelson Tweh BSc Chem MALE
102 D. Olympic Jackely BSc Biology  MALE
103 D. Peter Paye Bsc General Forestry MALE
104 D. Shem Bedell BSc Agriculture MALE
105 Daniel D. Doe Bsc General Agriculture MALE
106 Daniel G. Gbelee BSc. General Forestry MALE
107 Daniel J. Whesseh Bsc General Agriculture MALE
108 Daniel K. Dolo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
109 Daniel K. Martins Bsc General Agriculture MALE
110 Daniel M. Kollie Bsc General Forestry MALE
111 Daniel Matin BSc Agriculture MALE
112 Daniel S. Fornor BSc Biology  MALE
113 Daniel S. Quee Bsc General Agriculture MALE
114 Daniel Tokpah Bsc Biology MALE
115 Daniel W. Harris  BSC. Env. Science MALE
116 Darius M. Mbolonda BSc Agriculture MALE
117 Darius Nuah Bsc General Forestry MALE
118 Darius S. Tokpah General Agriculture MALE
119 Darlington J. Clarke  Bsc General Agriculture MALE
120 David B. Carl Jr. Bsc General Forestry MALE
121 David Dennis Jr. BSC Biology MALE
122 David G. Flomo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
123 David G. Korvah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
124 David G. Taigbailee Bsc General Agriculture MALE
125 David K. Smith Bsc General Agriculture MALE
126 David K. Tarzo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
127 David Kanneh Bsc General Agriculture MALE
128 David M. Sele Bsc Zoology MALE
129 David S. Kollie Bsc General Agriculture MALE
130 David S. Konneh Bsc General Agriculture MALE
131 Deddeh M.G. Fobay Bsc Biology FEMALE
132 Deemax W. Boldoe BSc Civil Eng MALE
133 Demison K. Lorkulah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
134 Dennis D. Goceh Bsc General Agriculture MALE
135 Desmond S. Nah BSC Chemistry MALE
136 Desmond T. Thompson BSc Geology MALE
137 Diana Y Gbanyah Bsc General Forestry FEMALE
138 Dunweh S. Sarpee Bsc Geology FEMALE
139 Ebenezer P. Tweh General Agriculture MALE
140 Ebernezer K. Toiweh BSC Agronomy MALE
141 Ebernezer M. Kemokai Bsc General Agriculture MALE
142 Eddie K. Beangar BSC Forestry MALE
143 Eddie Karn Bsc Biology MALE
144 Edmond S. Boley General Agriculture MALE
145 Edward G. Nagbe BSc Agriculture MALE
146 Edward M. Sepoe BSc Agriculture MALE
147 Edwin S. Kiazolu Bsc General Forestry MALE
148 Elijah T. Falah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
149 Elizabeth D. Kamara Bsc Environmental Science MALE
150 Elizebeth B. Charpeh -Jaleiba Bsc General Forestry FEMALE
151 Ellemay K.N. Dahn Bsc Biology MALE
152 Emma Kennedy BSc Biology  FEMALE
153 Emmanuel E. Kollie BSC. Agriculture  MALE
154 Emmanuel E. Kollis Bsc General Agriculture MALE
155 Emmanuel Flomo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
156 Emmanuel C. Wilson  BSc Geology MALE
157 Emmanuel Harris, Jr. Bsc General Agriculture MALE
158 Emmanuel Kolliegbo Bsc General Forestry MALE
159 Emmanuel Konah BSC. Biology MALE
160 Emmanuel M. Dajue BSc Biology  MALE
161 Emmanuel Sonkarley Bsc General Agriculture MALE
162 Emmanuel Toga Glasco BSc Biology  MALE
163 Emmauel Bestman Bsc Natural Resource Manag. MALE
164 Eric F. Kandakai BSc Biology  MALE
165 Eric M. Douwai BSc Biology  MALE
166 Eric K. Karmoh BSc Biology  MALE
167 Eric S. Neufville General Forestry MALE
168 Eric T. Cholopy Bsc General Agriculture MALE
169 Ernest B. Moses BSC. Chemistry MALE
170 Erwin Varnie BSC. Geology  MALE
171 Esther G. Tokpah Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
172 Esther M. Manneh Bsc Chemistry FEMALE
173 Etta M. Kiawu BSc Biology  FEMALE
174 Eunice Flomo Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
175 Everlyne C. Glagbo BSc Biology  FEMALE
176 Ezekiel G. Brooks Bsc Chemistry MALE
177 Ezekiel P. Taim BA. Demography  MALE
178 Ezekiel Z.D.Somah Bsc General Forestry MALE
179 Faith F. B. Ughweri BSc Biology  FEMALE
180 Famalu Kromah BSc Biology  FEMALE
181 Fatu Kemokai BSc Biology  FEMALE
182 Fayia Kamara Bsc Chemistry MALE
183 Fedesco Miakemia BSc. Biology MALE
184 Federick K. Saah Bsc Biology MALE
185 Federick N. Kollie BSC Agriculture MALE
186 Flomo C. Pshorr Bsc General Agriculture MALE
187 Flomo Kesselee Bsc General Agriculture MALE
188 Flomo Z. Lavela Bsc General Agriculture MALE
189 Forkpah T. Dennis BSc Geology MALE
190 Francis B. Kamara  Bsc General Agriculture MALE
191 Francis B.H. Kanneh BSC. Machnical Engineering MALE
192 Francis Cholopy Bsc General Agriculture MALE
193 Francis Gbelee Bsc General Agriculture MALE
194 Francis Hne Howe, Sr. Bsc Civil Engineering MALE
195 Francis N. Dugba Bsc General Forestry MALE
196 Francis Nimeley Donnie Bsc General Forestry MALE
197 Francis Piah General Agriculture MALE
198 Francis W. Geplay BSc Envi Sc MALE
199 Francis Y. Mulbah BSc Agronomy MALE
200 Frank T. Kaykay Bsc General Forestry MALE
201 Franklin M. Miamen BSc Forestry MALE
202 Frederick G. Wleh BSc Forestry MALE
203 Fredrick K. Korvah Bsc Biology MALE
204 Fredrick Kesselee BSC. Agriculture  MALE
205 Fredrick W. Cooper BSC. Agriculture  MALE
206 Fredrick Saah Bsc Biology MALE
207 G. Christopher Wleh BSC. Agriculture  MALE
208 G. Elijah Jerome BSC. Agriculture  MALE
209 Gabriel  Doh Bsc General Forestry MALE
210 Gabriel M. Gbornie Bsc. Civil  Engineering MALE
211 Gabriel Yiadom BSC. Agriculture  MALE
212 GabrielB.K.Sasa Bsc Biology MALE
213 Garmai Johnson BSC. Agriculture  MALE
214 Gayduo Flomo Bsc General Forestry MALE
215 George Gibson BSc Biology  MALE
216 George Jallah  BSC. Agriculture  MALE
217 George P. Fayiah-Tumbay BSc Mining Eng MALE
218 Georgette Holder BSc Agr (no copy of deg) MALE
219 Geroge G. Baryogar General  Agriculture MALE
220 George Natt General  Agriculture MALE
221 Gertrude Glain  Bsc Biology FEMALE
222 Ghemelee N. Keculah BSC. Biology MALE
223 Giaquee Elson L. General Agriculture MALE
224 Ginny M. Campbell BSc. Biology FEMALE
225 Glenna J.W. Neese Mesleh BSc. Agr,  (No copy of Degree) FEMALE
226 Gloria S.L.Golafle Bsc Biology FEMALE
227 Gobeh M. Kullie BSc Agriculture MALE
228 Godwin Andrews Bsc Biology MALE
229 Grace K. King BSc Biology  FEMALE
230 Habakkuk S. Togbah BSC. Agriculture MALE
231 Harris Tamba BSC. Agriculture MALE
232 Harrison B. Sackie Bsc General Agriculture MALE
233 Hassan A. Kamara BSC. Biology  MALE
234 Hasting N. Zulu Bsc General Agriculture MALE
235 Hawa S. Tulay BSc Geology FEMALE
236 Helena J. Nyanti BSc Biology  FEMALE
237 Helena O. Edward BSc Agriculture FEMALE
238 Helena C. Jimmy  BSc Biology  FEMALE
239 Helena P. Biah BSc Agriculture FEMALE
240 Helena Parker General Agriculture FEMALE
241 Henry E. Torbor BSc Agriculture MALE
242 Henry N. Sandoe BSC Biology MALE
243 Henry Darkolon Bsc General Agriculture MALE
244 Henry O. Dippa Civil Engineering MALE
245 Henry P. Toe Bsc General Agriculture MALE
246 Henry Smith BSc Geology MALE
247 Henry T. Darkolon BSc Agriculture MALE
248 Herrick S. Gbilee BSc Agriculture MALE
249 Ipea Roberts- Taylor BSC Biology MALE
250 Isaac Akoi Saizay Bsc General Agriculture MALE
251 Ivan R. Jallah BSc Biology  MALE
252 Isaac C. Morris, Jr. Bsc Biology MALE
253 J. Aliton T. Kollie BSc Biology  MALE
254 J. Dalasu Farnga BSC. Agronomy MALE
255 J. Dorbor Wuokolo BSC. Agronomy  MALE
256 J. Gandeh Bonarwolo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
257 J. Nathaniel Mulbah General Agriculture MALE
258 Jackson J. Ngafua General Agriculture MALE
259 Jackson Kerkulah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
260 Jefferson T. Chea BSc Biology  MALE
261 Jackson T. Fayiah Bsc General Forestry MALE
262 Jacob S. Yarwah BSC Biology MALE
263 Jallah Saykor BSc Agriculture MALE
264 James A. Lape General Agriculture MALE
265 James A. Mulbah BSc Agriculture MALE
266 James B. Kezelle Bsc General Forestry MALE
267 James Crowu Bsc General Forestry MALE
268 James D. Dargbe Bsc General Forestry MALE
269 James K. Mulbah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
270 James M. Sumo, Jr Bsc Natural Resource Manag. MALE
271 James M. Yekeh,jr BSC. Agriculture  MALE
272 James N. Borbor General Forestry MALE
273 James Omasco  Mator BSc Agriculture MALE
274 James P. Brooks BSc Agriculture MALE
275 James S. Slewahy BSC. Forestry MALE
276 James S.Momo Jr. BSC Biology MALE
277 James Slewhy BSC Agriculture MALE
278 James Sumo BSc Agriculture MALE
279 James T. Pewee BSc Biology  MALE
280 James T.K. Duma BSc Geology MALE
281 James Tamba Bsc General Agriculture MALE
282 Janet F. Sambolah BSc Biology  FEMALE
283 Jarbee N. Dukuly BSC. Forestry MALE
284 Jarsm F. Russell BSc Crop. Science MALE
285 Jasper P. Yanbor BSc Agriculture MALE
286 Jayon V. Ville BSC. Agriculture MALE
287 Jefferson B. Sackie Bsc General Agriculture MALE
288 Jefferson T. SwallY BSc Biology  MALE
289 Jenkins Cherue Bsc General Agriculture MALE
290 Jenkins M. Dorbor BSc Agriculture MALE
291 Jeremiah B. Kyne BSc Agriculture MALE
292 Jeremiah N. Taylor General  Agriculture MALE
293 Jeremiah S.Y. Jackson Bsc General Agriculture MALE
294 Jerome Dangbuah BSC Biology MALE
295 Jerome Hinneh Smith BSc Chemistry MALE
296 Jerome D. Padmore BSc Biology  MALE
297 Jerry B. Kollie BSc Agriculture MALE
298 Jerry L Flomo BSc Agriculture MALE
299 Jerry S.M. Dolo,II Bsc General Forestry MALE
300 Jesse Fah Mckeen BSC. Zoology MALE
301 Jesse G. Cooper  BSC. Agriculture MALE
302 Jestina B. Nyemah BSc Biology  FEMALE
303 Jim S. Suah, Jr. Bsc General Agriculture MALE
304 Jimmy D. Carter Bsc Biology MALE
305 Joan D. Zogar BSc Agriculture FEMALE
306 Joan N. Harris Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
307 John Beyan Sumo Bsc Biology MALE
308 John K. Gonlewon BSC Agriculture MALE
309 John Perry BSc Forestry MALE
310 John T. Sayhor, Jr BSc Agriculture MALE
311 John W. Kolva BSc Agriculture MALE
312 John Z.  Barleh  BSC. Agriculture  MALE
313 John Z. Mulbah BSc Biology  MALE
314 John D. Pangbe BSc. Geography MALE
315 Johnny Sando. Canneh BSC. Biology MALE
316 Johnson J. Dolo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
317 Johnson Winn BSc Agriculture MALE
318 Jomah B. Dolo BSc Agriculture MALE
319 Jonathan T. Kollie BSc Agriculture MALE
320 Joseph Beamah BSc Agriculture MALE
321 Joseph D. K. Senepo BSc Biology  MALE
322 Joseph D. Kollie BSc Agriculture MALE
323 Joseph F. Lilon General  Agriculture MALE
324 Joseph Fallah BSc Agriculture MALE
325 Joseph G. Greaves Bsc General Agriculture MALE
326 Joseph J. Tokpah Bsc General Forestry MALE
327 Joseph Korkollie Bsc Biology MALE
328 Joseph N. Kamara BSc Wood Science MALE
329 Joseph T. Kuku Bsc General Agriculture MALE
330 Joseph V. Tokpa BSC. Biology MALE
331 Joseph Varney Johnson,Jr.  BSC. Biology MALE
332 Joseph Z. Mavolo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
333 Joshua C.Ben BSC Agriculture MALE
334 Joyce B. Siawary BSC. Biology  FEMALE
335 Julius N. Gonyon Bsc General Forestry MALE
336 Jullianna Cooper BSc Envir. Science FEMALE
337 Justin J. Martor BSc Agronomy MALE
338 Justino V. Nahniah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
339 Kaifala M. Fofana BSC Agronomy MALE
340 Kantan Bill Dweh General Forestry MALE
341 Karmamah Darth Yu-war BSc Agriculture FEMALE
342 Katlee B. Weah Bsc General Forestry FEMALE
343 Kebbeh Miller BSC. Agriculture FEMALE
344 Kelvin D. Jaurey BSC. Agriculture  MALE
345 Kelvin Kar Bsc General Forestry MALE
346 Kelvin Lawrence Korgbaye BSc Agriculture MALE
347 Kenneh A.B. Ashmah BSc. Civil Engineering MALE
348 Kenneth S. Paye  BSC. Forestry  MALE
349 Kenneh A.B. Ashmah BSc. Civil Engineering MALE
350 Kerbeh Miller BSc Agriculture FEMALE
351 Kies S. Kiteah BSc. Geology MALE
352 King J. Kerkula, Jr. Bsc General Agriculture MALE
353 Koiwu Glayflor  BSC. Agronomy MALE
354 Kollie L. Gayflor BSC. Agriculture MALE
355 Kolu F. Howard BSc Agriculture FEMALE
356 Kolu T. Mulbah BSc Biology  FEMALE
357 Korlu M. Sarko BSc Agriculture FEMALE
358 Kou Sonkarley BSC. Biology FEMALE
359 Kpalay M. Tokpah BSc Agriculture MALE
360 Krubo Kolubah BSc Agriculture FEMALE
361 Laisti F. Sambeh BSC. Biology MALE
362 Lansana M.R. Massaquoi BSC Environmental Health MALE
363 Larm B. Saul BSC. Agriculture MALE
364 Larwuo B. Bryant BSc Agriculture FEMALE
365 Lasannah Massaquoi Environmental Health MALE
366 Lassana B. Dukuly Bsc Biology MALE
367 Laurees N. Yeanay BSc Agriculture MALE
368 Lawrence B. Ndorbor Bsc Biology MALE
369 Lawrence S. Kollo BSc Forestry MALE
370 Laymah N. Jah BSc Agriculture MALE
371 Leela V. Paye Bsc Natural Resource Manag. FEMALE
372 Leemu T. Livingstone BSc Agriculture FEMALE
373 Leo K. Wamah BSc Agriculture MALE
374 Lesehwon Gonkartee BSc Agriculture MALE
375 Leroy T. Krah BSc Agriculture MALE
376 Linda K. Larbelee BSc Agriculture FEMALE
377 Linus N. Neufville  BSc Public Health FEMALE
378 Lisa G. Gaye BSc Agriculture FEMALE
379 Lisa N. Wayakollie BSc Biology  FEMALE
380 Lord S. Nalon Bsc General Agriculture MALE
381 Lorine A. Saizonou BSC. Biology FEMALE
382 Louise Maima Karmo Bsc Zoology FEMALE
383 Lourene Gibison BSc Biology  FEMALE
384 Lousine N. Farley BSc Biology  FEMALE
385 Lovette N. Fayiah  BSC. Biology  FEMALE
386 Lucy Woiballah Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
387 Lydia Joy Luogon Bsc Biology FEMALE
388 Lydia M. Wogbeh BSc. Nat. Res Mgt FEMALE
389 M. Obdiah Glah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
390 Mack W. Gbiah BSc Chemistry MALE
391 Madusu G. Kromah Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
392 Ma-Goyan Bennetta Momo BSc Biology  FEMALE
393 Malaytaye J. Waymah BSc. Biology FEMALE
394 Maldred Yvonne Marshall BSc Biology  FEMALE
395 Malvin Quoi BSc Agriculture MALE
396 Mandella Geplay Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
397 Marcus G. tendee Bsc Chemistry MALE
398 Margretta W. Bropleh BSc Biology  FEMALE
399 Mark S. Yeaneh Sr. BSc Biology  MALE
400 Marina Saye Kambleh BSc Biology  FEMALE
401 Marline B. Yeedoun Bsc General Forestry FEMALE
402 Marrian Watta Nyuma Bsc Biology FEMALE
403 Marson S. Souquoi BSc Forestry MALE
404 Martha Sammie  BSC. Forestry  FEMALE
405 Martin L. Bryant BSc. General Agriculture MALE
406 Martin G. Jackson BSc Agriculture MALE
407 Martina Sherman  BSC. Natural Management  FEMALE
408 Marvie Kesselly BSc Agriculture FEMALE
409 Mathaline L. Williams Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
410 Matilda B. L. Yarkpai BSc Biology  FEMALE
411 Matthew K. Nuah  BSC. Biology  MALE
412 Matthew W. Tokpah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
413 Meima B. Wenyu BSc Biology  FEMALE
414 Melechier N. Jimmy BSC. Biology FEMALE
415 Melvin B. Gweh Bsc Chemistry MALE
416 Melvin Gontor BSC. Biology MALE
417 Melvin M. Gartel BSc Biology  MALE
418 Melvin K. Ganah BSc Biology MALE
419 Melvin G.Y. Zazay BSc Biology MALE
420 Memore S. Palay BSc Chem (Cum Laude) MALE
421 Menton Kiatamba Bsc Biology MALE
422 Menwongbaye Wehyee Bsc Biology MALE
423 Mgieyah S. Bundoo BSc Chemistry MALE
424 Michael G. Buwah Bsc General Forestry MALE
425 Michael J. Kollie Bsc Geology MALE
426 Michael S. Byeh BSC. Agriculture  MALE
427 Michael S. Glay Bsc General Forestry MALE
428 Michael Z. Dennis Bsc General Agriculture MALE
429 Michaeline M. Kollie BSc Natural Res. Mang. FEMALE
430 Michel S. Glay BSC. Forestry  MALE
431 Michael Saryon Bsc Biology MALE
432 Mohammed A. Morris BSc Forestry MALE
433 Mohamed M. Sheriff BSc Agriculture MALE
434 Mohammed A. M. Kamara Bsc General Agriculture MALE
435 Mohammed Cama Gbao BSc Civil Eng MALE
436 Mohammed Dukuly Bsc General Agriculture MALE
437 Mohammed J. Jalloh BSc. Geology MALE
438 Mohammed Kanneh BSC. Agriculture MALE
439 Mohammed S.K. Jabateh Bsc Biology MALE
440 Mohammed V. Kamara Bsc Biology MALE
441 Mohammed A.Massaley Bsc Geology MALE
442 Momo B. Sando BSc Forestry MALE
443 Momo Kweinavah BSC Agronomy MALE
444 Moncojay Brown Bsc Biology FEMALE
445 Morris B. S. Dossen BSc Biology  MALE
446 Morris Tokpah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
447 Moses Z. Blah BSc Biology MALE
448 Moses F. Dohntay, Jr. Bsc General Agriculture MALE
449 Moses Flomo Tunnie BSc Agriculture MALE
450 Moses G. Flomo BSc Agriculture MALE
451 Moses Gleyo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
452 Moses Page Tellewoyan Bsc Biology MALE
453 Moses T. Kolleh BSc Chemistry MALE
454 Moses V. Zubah BSc Agriculture MALE
455 Moses Whinileegkoe BSC. Agriculture  MALE
456 Moses Y. Dugbaye Bsc Zoology MALE
457 Moubon A. Kwakpae BSc Nat. Res. Mgt MALE
458 Muatapha M. Nuah BSc Zoology MALE
459 Mulbah Tokpah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
460 Musulene Sharpolu Bsc Biology FEMALE
461 Murphy S. Dolo Bsc Biology MALE
462 Musulyne B. Taylor Bsc Biology FEMALE
463 N. Obidiah Giah Bsc General Agriculture  
464 N. Saah C. Bundoo BSc Forestry MALE
465 Nathan Desoe Bsc General Agriculture MALE
466 Nanzoun J. Biea Bsc Mining Engineering MALE
467 Nataline Bono Bsc Biology FEMALE
468 Nathaniel G. Teeba, Jr. BSc. Biology  MALE
469 Natina Sherman BSC. Agriculture FEMALE
470 Naiomi Wolobah BSc. Biology  FEMALE
471 Nelson G. Vaye Bsc Biology MALE
472 Newoloja J. Wah BSC Agriculture MALE
473 Nicholas Jarka BSc Biology  MALE
474 Nichoson J. Gbor Bsc General Agriculture MALE
475 Numenea D. Tokpa BSC. Forestry MALE
476 Nuwoe P. Clarke Bsc General Forestry FEMALE
477 Nuwoh Bailey BSc Biology  FEMALE
478 Nyan C. Nyan Sr. Bsc General Agriculture MALE
479 Nyondadein D. Strother BSc Biology  MALE
480 Nyumah Johnson BSC Biology MALE
481 Obediah S. Bowah Bsc General Forestry MALE
482 Ojuku D. Quiwon Bsc General Agriculture MALE
483 Olivia Kesselly BSc Biology  FEMALE
484 Oretha G. Korboi BSc Agriculture FEMALE
485 Othello J. Barkollie Bsc Civil Engineering MALE
486 Othello L. Zomoway BSC Biology MALE
487 Othello T. Paye Bsc General Agriculture MALE
488 Othello T.Q. Yeon Bsc General Agriculture MALE
489 Othello T.Q. Yeon BSC Agronomy MALE
490 P. Elkanah Dada Bsc General Agriculture MALE
491 Patience T. Saingbe Bsc Biology FEMALE
492 Patricia D. Johnson Bsc Chemistry FEMALE
493 Patrick A. J. Kamara BSc Agr (Magna cum laude) MALE
494 Patrick K. Ngombu General Agriculture MALE
495 Paul G. Kowu Bsc General Forestry MALE
496 Paul G. Nyahn Bsc General Agriculture MALE
497 Paul M. Bleh Bsc Natural Resource Manag. MALE
498 Paul Simbo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
499 Paul Smith Bsc General Agriculture MALE
500 Paul Tepennon Doe Bsc General Agriculture MALE
501 Pauline S. Johnson BSC. Biology FEMALE
502 Paye Garpeh Bsc Chemistry MALE
503 Payewulo T. Worllarwulu Bsc Zoology MALE
504 Peninnah P. Logan BSc Chemistry MALE
505 Pendora  M. Swen Bsc Biology FEMALE
506 Peter D. Darbeh Bsc General Agriculture MALE
507 Peter M. Korballah BSC. Biology MALE
508 Peter M. Kpante BSc Forestry MALE
509 Philemon Flahn Johnson BSc Civil Eng FEMALE
510 Pinky  Blamah BSC. Biology FEMALE
511 Precious M. Doe BSc Biology  FEMALE
512 Prince D. Nyemah Bsc Biology MALE
513 Prince K. Zarwie Bsc General Agriculture MALE
514 Prince M. Harris BSC Biology MALE
515 Prince Menkalo Gbieu BSc Geology MALE
516 Prince S. Korlubah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
517 Prince S. Gblah BSC Forestry MALE
518 Prince T. Venyan Bsc General Agriculture MALE
519 Prince Teddy Kartoe BSc. Bio (appl. Not signed) MALE
520 Princess S. Kollie BSC. Agriculture FEMALE
521 Princess Y. Q. Goway BSC. Forestry FEMALE
522 Quiqui N. Kerkula Bsc General Agriculture MALE
523 Rady S. Peal Bsc General Agriculture MALE
524 Rancy B. Mulbah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
525 Randall Y.S.S. Dweh BSC Biology MALE
526 Randolph M. Paypay Bsc General Forestry MALE
527 Randolph Mambia Bsc Civil Engineering MALE
528 Randy S. L. Domah Bsc General Forestry MALE
529 Ranford Sarwee Blamo BSc. Civil Engineering MALE
530 Reuben Gaymane Sivili General  Agriculture MALE
531 Reuben Sivile Bsc General Agriculture MALE
532 Richard D.W Allen BSc Agriculture MALE
533 Richard F. Saah BSC. Biology MALE
534 Richard P. Wennie Bsc General Agriculture MALE
535 Richard Wallace Bsc General Agriculture MALE
536 Ritz S. Ben BSc Civil Engeering MALE
537 Robbin M. Towh BSc Chemistry MALE
538 Robert G. Kollie BSC. Agriculture  MALE
539 Robert G. Momo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
540 Robert M. Z. Kolubah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
541 Robin N. Zuweh General  Agriculture MALE
542 Romeo K.K. Paul BSc. Agriculture MALE
543 Roger B. Wilson  BSC. Agriculture  MALE
544 Roland T. Wesseh Bsc Civil Engineering MALE
545 Ronaldo D. Targbah BSc Biology  MALE
546 Ruephena T. Miller Natural Resource Manag. FEMALE
547 Rutland E.N. Shilue BSC. Agriculture  MALE
548 Ruth K. Bordolo BSc Biology  FEMALE
549 S. Allenton Galakpai Bsc General Agriculture MALE
550 S. Jerry Sagbe II Bsc General Agriculture MALE
551 S. Karkeye Garpeh BSC. Agriculture MALE
552 S. Marathon Koryan BSc Agriculture MALE
553 S. William Craig, Jr. Bsc General Agriculture MALE
554 Saah J, Keffa, Jr. BSc Biology  MALE
555 Sam F. Kolleh Bsc Biology MALE
556 Sam Gondardoe Bsc Chemistry MALE
557 Sam Robin Weah BSC Agriculture MALE
558 Sammie Tabolo BSc Forestry MALE
559 Samson W. Yloe BSc Biology  MALE
560 Samuel D. Lakpor Bsc General Agriculture MALE
561 Samuel Darwolor BSc Agriculture MALE
562 Samuel T. Bannie BSc Agriculture MALE
563 Samuel Darwolor BSc Agriculture MALE
564 Samuel Dweh Harmon Bsc General Forestry MALE
565 Samuel G. Biago BSc Biology  MALE
566 Samuel Y. Kollie BSC Forestry MALE
567 Samuel K. Kollie BSc Agriculture MALE
568 Samuel K. Toe Bsc General Agriculture MALE
569 Samuel N. Garmah BSc Forestry MALE
570 Samuel Gomah BSc Forestry MALE
571 Samuel N. Yormie Bsc General Forestry MALE
572 Samuel T. King BSc Agriculture MALE
573 Samuline Wokpeh Bsc Biology FEMALE
574 Sangay E.B.S. Moses Bsc Biology FEMALE
575 Sarah I. Weekie BSc Nat. Res. Mgt FEMALE
576 Saturday Zialu BSc Agriculture MALE
577 Saye K. Miller General Agriculture MALE
578 Seypoe T. Jallah BSc Agriculture MALE
579 Saygbah Johnson BSC. Agriculture MALE
580 Saygbechi T. Jablasone, Jr BSc Chemistry MALE
581 Saynekpi S. Zeon BSc Agriculture MALE
582 Serena Howard Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
583 Segkeh Nimene BSC. Agriculture MALE
584 Shirley D. Robinson BSc Biology  FEMALE
585 Shirley Suah Bsc Biology FEMALE
586 Siafa Rogers BSc Biology  MALE
587 Siaka S. Kromah Bsc Biology MALE
588 Simeon E. Ojong BSc Chemistry MALE
589 Sipply M. Dugbeh BSc. Forestry MALE
590 Smauel K. Garnett BSc Biology  MALE
591 Soclortay K. Soclor General Forestry MALE
592 Socrates Cisco BSC. Biology  MALE
593 Solomon K. Garpue BSc Biology  MALE
594 Solomon L. C. Ngekia Bsc General Agriculture MALE
595 Solomon M. Woods BSc Agriculture MALE
596 Starr D. Wheon BSc. Civil Engineering MALE
597 Sophia C. Nimely BSc Biology  FEMALE
598 Stephen Dweh Bsc General Agriculture MALE
599 Stephen F. Grah Bsc General Agriculture MALE
600 Stephen Martor Johnson BSc Chemistry MALE
601 Stephen T. Ganty BSc Zoology MALE
602 Sulonta T. Mulbah BSC Chemistry MALE
603 Sunday J. Kerkula BSc Biology  MALE
604 Sweele Posseah  BSC. Biology FEMALE
605 Sylvester Z. Gono BSc Civil Engineering MALE
606 Sylvanas A. Nicol BSc. Mathematics MALE
607 Takpor D. Zuo Bsc General Agriculture MALE
608 Terrance Paye BSc. Biology MALE
609 T. Eric M. Cooper  Bsc General Agriculture MALE
610 Teta S. Kpakar BSc. Bio FEMALE
611 Theophilus O. Horace Bsc Geology MALE
612 Therese Kemezee BSc Agriculture FEMALE
613 Thomas Gaflowu, Jr Bsc General Agriculture MALE
614 Tianyan Susan Tyee BSc. Biology MALE
615 Thomas Walker Bsc Geology MALE
616 Timothy G. Zahn Bsc Biology MALE
617 Tina Gbelia Bsc Biology FeMALE
618 Titus Manikongo BSc Zool FEMALE
619 Tobias Nyumbol BSc Biology  MALE
620 Tokpah F. Jaiblay BSc. Agriculture MALE
621 Trokon B. Randall Bsc General Forestry MALE
622 Trokon P. Williams BSc Biology  MALE
623 Tutu F. Sheriff BSc Biology  MALE
624 Urias B. Barclay  BSC. Environment Science  MALE
625 Vannie Quapourlee BSC. Forestry MALE
626 Varmah M. Saylea BSC Forestry MALE
627 Varney A. Sambola BSc Forestry MALE
628 Varney Kromah, Jr. BSC. Minng. Enginering MALE
629 Varney Noah BSC Chemistry MALE
630 Varney S. Freeman BSc Biology  MALE
631 Vascie L Boayou BSc Chemistry MALE
632 Vasco M. Garwuo MPh Candiate  MALE
633 Vesselee Tokpah, Jr. BSC. Agronomy MALE
634 Victor V. Gahndolo BSC. Agriculture  MALE
635 Victoria B. Dagbe BSc Geology FEMALE
636 Victoria Ellis Bsc General Agriculture FEMALE
637 Waiseh Hardy Bsc General Forestry FEMALE
638 Walker AB. Tokpah Bsc General Forestry MALE
639 Wallace S. Boye Bsc General Agriculture MALE
640 Weedor B. Flahn BSc Biology  MALE
641 Wendy K. Seton Bsc Biology FEMALE
642 Whuryonwon Menyongai BSC Agriculture MALE
643 Wilfred G. Freeman Bsc General Agriculture MALE
644 William Kollie Bsc General Agriculture MALE
645 William M. Koko General Agriculture MALE
646 William M. Quaye Bsc General Agriculture MALE
647 William S. Brown BSc Physic MALE
648 William S. Meazoe, Jr. Bsc General Agriculture MALE
649 William S. Sackie BSC. Agriculture  MALE
650 William Vonyeegar Bsc General Agriculture MALE
651 Wilson S.C. Sonpon BSc. Biology MALE
652 Wilma Z. Mensah BSc Biology  FEMALE
653 Wlohgbah P. Nowon BSc Forestry FEMALE
654 Woulay Narmah BSc Agronomy MALE
655 Wondia W. Annan BSC Biology MALE
656 Yaa E.S. Vanyan BSc Biology  MALE
657 Yamah Lawubah BSc Biology  FEMALE
658 Yarkpawolo G. Sali Bsc General Agriculture MALE
659 Yarkpawolo M. Ballah BSC Biology MALE
660 Yarkpazuo W. Johnson Bsc General Agriculture MALE
661 Yarzue Duway BSC. Agriculture  MALE
662 Yassah Kokolee BSc Agriculture FEMALE
663 Yatta K. Vayambo BSc Biology  FEMALE
664 Yenlego J. Kollie BSc Biology  MALE
665 Yohn Siaway Bsc Biology MALE
666 Younger Pewee Bsc Biology MALE
667 Yourfee Kennedy BSc Geology MALE
1 Alfred Dahn MSc Agr, BSc Agr MALE
2 Alice B. Sorsor Ireland MA. Epidemiology FEMALE
3 Ben Bellring MSc Env. Sc., BSc Agr MALE
4 Bushuba A. Kanneh MA. Epidemiology MALE
5 Calvin A. Gaye MSc. Agrometeorology MALE
6 Charles Ganteh Weelar MSc Agr, MSc Agr (no copy of deg) MALE
7 Christopher Nyanneh MSc Nursing, BSc Bio (no copy of deg) MALE
8 Crispina D. Pratt MSc Pub Health, BSc Bio (no copy of deg) MALE
9 Edith E.H. Perry MSc Pub Health, BSc Bio (no copy of deg) FEMALE
10 Elvis T. Dweh, Sr. MSc Env.Sc., BSc Civil Eng(no copy of deg) MALE
11 Emmanuel M. Pope MSc Agr, BSc Agr MALE
12 Emmanuel G. Harris MSc Pub Health, BSc Bio MALE
13 Erasmus Pupoh Sikloh MSc. Env. Sc. (no copy of deg) MALE
14 Eric M. Cooper  MSc Agr, BSc Agr, (no copy of deg) MALE
15 Fenda Carmo Smith MSc Pub Health, BSc Chem  (no copy of deg) FEMALE
16 Houenafa V. Saizonou MSc Pub Health, BSc Bio (no copy of deg) MALE
17 Joseph M. Charles MSc Env. Sc., BSc. Natural Resource Mgt MALE
18 Ma-Zoe Monica MSc Pub Health, BSc Bio (no copy of deg) FEMALE
19 Mariah R. Williams  Msc. Environmental Science FEMALE
20 Marjueh J. Cooper MSc Pub Health, BSc Bio (no copy of deg) FEMALE
21 Mark Tokpah Williams MSc Env. Sc, BA Sociology, . MALE
22 Mark W. Johnson MSc Water Mgt, BSc Agr (no copy of deg) MALE
23 Mantue Reeves MSc Climate Change FEMALE
24 Momo G. Kollie MSc Env/Nat Res, BBA Acct MALE
25 William Bonwin Whitfield MSc Env./Petro Tech, BSc Civil Eng MALE
26 Salia S. Sheriff Two Masters**** MALE